Lil’ Miss Mischief


Ever since Raeann started walking and has grown tall enough to reach stuff, she has been on a rummaging and ransacking rampage, leaving a trail of mischief in her wake.

Remote Control Junkie


G & I have started hiding the TV remote control from her… but as you can tell, she’s quite persistent.

Drawer Explorer

photo 3-2

She tries to fit into any nook and cranny that she chances upon.

Private Investigator


Rummage, rummage, rummage.


But.. that’s not all!


photo 3-3

Installation art piece: Shoe on Bed

Snack Theft


This happened early this morning when I was still in a semi-conscious state.. She dragged the bag down from the bench and helped herself to the snack. I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t strolled into the room with the incriminating snack in hand.


With all the mischief that she gets into, she’s lucky that she’s adorable..



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