Raenecdotes: Kitten vs. Wolves

We were at the swimming complex. There was this guy with his four sons, age ranging from about nine to twelve. They each had a huge Super-soaker kinda water gun. The boys were surrounding their father and shooting at him. The dad was wearing shades and walking through the water shooting his kids Terminator style 😎.

Rae grabbed my hand and pulled me over such that we were standing in their midst. Then she took the little foam water-shooter toy that we had and started shooting at the Terminator dad. The guy turned around and shot at us then continued shooting his kids.

Rae continued to shoot at him with small bursts from her gun. He turned around and shot at us again.

G and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was like watching a teeny tiny kitten trying to play with wolves.

Age: 2+


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