Bubbly Fun Upsized!


When I found out about giant bubble solution, I knew that I HAD TO make some.

Raeann loves bubbles! She hasn’t reached the stage where she can blow bubbles yet but she loves chasing after them. Whenever I bring her to the playground, I often bring a bottle of bubble solution so she can chase after bubbles to her heart’s content.

I love bubbles too.. There’s something really whimsical and magical about a bubble. The colours swirl playfully on its surface as it floats merrily in the breeze…

till the moment it pops…

and vanishes.


Giant Bubble Solution

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Materials needed:

bubble materials

Giant Bubble Solution

– 1.5 litres water

– 125 ml dishwashing liquid

– 2 tablespoons glycerine (I got mine from Phoon Huat)

Instructions: Mix water, dishwashing liquid and glycerine in a large container.

Your giant bubble solution is done!


Bubble Frame

– 2 bubble tea straws

– string

Intructions: Thread a long string through the two straws. Tie a dead knot. Finito.

The length of the string depends on how big you want your frame to be. Take note that the bigger the frame, the more cumbersome and difficult it is for little hands to hold. So not too long, not too short ya.


Once you’re done, head to the playground/park for bubble fun time!

Warning: Little hands will get really soapy, so bring a bottle of water along to rinse their hands when they’re done.


In case you are wondering, that’s G and our niece. 🙂 He was on his way for a run but couldn’t resist some bubble fun first!


Raeann kept making a mad dash towards the solution and trying to dip her hands in it, so in the end she had to settle for admiring the bubbles while being carried!

I initially thought that there would be some solution left over to keep for the next time we felt like having some bubble fun, but in the end, we used up all one and a half litres of bubble solution!

Can’t wait to make some again next weekend!


Exploring Baby’s Sense of Touch with Sensory Boards

I’ve noticed that like most babies, Raeann is quite tactile. She enjoys exploring different textures beneath her fingers. For instance, we’ll be walking along a paved walkway when she’ll suddenly bend down and touch the ground because she noticed that there was a change in the paving material from concrete to pebble wash.

The first time we brought her to Marina Barrage, she kept running her fingers through the grass to feel it tickling her fingers.


When we brought her to West Coast Park, she was also more interested in playing with the sand than on the structures in the playground.


Hence, when I stumbled upon a post about DIY Sensory Boards from Fun At Home With Kids, I was inspired to make one of my own.


Preparation time: 30 minutes

I assembled some of the bits and bobs which I had lying around from previous craft projects. As you can see, I tried to use a variety of textures such as corrugated paper, velcro and felt.

Yes, that is a light switch! I thought it would be fun for her to press to help build up her finger strength. I later added stickers to the light switch (see above) to help her pinpoint which part of the switch to press.

I also included a flip-up mirror because she likes smiling at her own reflection and it helps to promote focus and awareness of her facial features and appearance.


For the backing, I used a corrugated plastic board which I covered with wrapping paper. To bear the weight of the board and to make it easier to remove the board without damaging the paint on the wall, I used 3M Picture hanging strips to affix the board to the wall at her sitting eye-level.


Here’s a video of Raeann in action!

This particular video doesn’t show her playing with everything on the board but I had a “My child is a genius!” proud mama moment when I watched her touching the tassel on the mandarin knot then walking over to touch the tassel on our curtains. She made the association that both tassels were similar! How cool and fascinating is that!

Have fun making your own unique sensory board for your child! 🙂