Raenecdote: Civic-minded Movie-Goer

We brought Rae to watch the Peanuts movie. After the movie, we picked up our belongings and started moving out.

Rae started picking up the popcorn bits that had fallen on the seats. “Sweetheart, what are you doing? The popcorn is dirty, you cannot eat it anymore.” She held the popcorn in her fist and started moving towards the aisle.

Then I realised what she was doing!

She was walking towards the cinema staff who was holding the trash bag. She patiently waited for everyone to throw their popcorn tubs and cups, then she emptied her tiny fistful of popcorn bits in the trash bag, much to the amusement of the cinema guy.

Age: 2+


Lil’ Miss Mischief


Ever since Raeann started walking and has grown tall enough to reach stuff, she has been on a rummaging and ransacking rampage, leaving a trail of mischief in her wake.

Remote Control Junkie


G & I have started hiding the TV remote control from her… but as you can tell, she’s quite persistent.

Drawer Explorer

photo 3-2

She tries to fit into any nook and cranny that she chances upon.

Private Investigator


Rummage, rummage, rummage.


But.. that’s not all!


photo 3-3

Installation art piece: Shoe on Bed

Snack Theft


This happened early this morning when I was still in a semi-conscious state.. She dragged the bag down from the bench and helped herself to the snack. I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t strolled into the room with the incriminating snack in hand.


With all the mischief that she gets into, she’s lucky that she’s adorable..


How do you keep your 1-year-old entertained during road trips?

We recently went on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Malacca.

Raeann’s first road trip was to Kuala Lumpur last year. It was a breeze because she was only three to four months old then so she slept almost throughout the entire journey.

This time round, it was a bit more challenging! Our worse road trip nightmare would be if Raeann started crying or fussing uncontrollably during the drive up because that would probably have sucked all the joy and fun out of the trip for her and for us too. I tried to plan how I would keep her occupied for the two to three hour long journey both ways.

Behold, my friends, the Portable Road Trip Entertainment System!

photo 1

Just a nondescript tote bag it is not… within it lies a full suite of features and gadgets to keep your child captivated for the duration of your journey. 🙂 Like Doraemon’s magical pocket!

Hahaha.. dramatics aside, I tried to prevent her from looking inside the bag so that I could take out something new to surprise her whenever she started to get bored or restless.

Here’s what I packed:

Hand Puppets

photo 3

Raeann was delighted when Mr. Snowy suddenly popped up beside her and told her stories, sang songs and played peek-a-boo with her.

Small Toys

photo 4

I packed a few small toys which I made sure to let her play with one at time to stretch out her playing time and keep her occupied longer. These included a slinky, a Duplo door and figurine and a castanet.


photo 4-2

I like to cut a bunch of bubble tea straws and normal drinking straws in half (snip of the pointed edge too), store them in a ziploc bag and chuck them into my handbag whenever we go out. They keep her occupied for a much longer than regular toys. She likes to stick her finger tips into the two sides of the straw, blow through them, put a drinking straw through a bubble tea straw and watch it fall through and most of all to chew on them.

Lots and Lots of Snacks

photo 2-2

A hungry kid is a cranky kid so I made sure to pack lots of different kinds of snacks. Some of the things Raeann ate include a chicken pie, biscuits, cereal puffs and cake. I packed a lot of water too.

Tip: On the way back to Singapore, we always like to go for a drive-in car wash and get them to vacuum the inside of the car.


photo 5

You can play peek-a-boo with pretty much anything but in our case, we used an old muslin nappy. This is a surefire way to get Raeann to squeal in delight.

Her Favourite Music


If you are anything like me, you do not want to spend three whole hours listening and singing along to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. Hence, the CD with your child’s favourite songs should only to be played when you’re almost reaching your destination. Raeann is fond of songs with actions.

Reading Material 

photo 3-2

I love reading so it always gives me a buzz to see Raeann enjoying a book. For the road trip, I picked a few lift-the-flap books because they are more interactive and also books with pictures of things she likes (pets and other babies!). I used the term ‘reading material’ above because Raeann spent a really long time looking at a pamphlet from our recent visit to the Jurong Bird Park.

Her Favourite Plush Toy

photo 2

This was the ace up my sleeve, in case all else failed. I tried to bring it out with as much fanfare as I could muster, covering it with a cloth and whipping it off with dramatic flourish and a loud, “Ta Daa!”

We have never brought her dog out before, so Raeann was really surprised and happy to see it and cuddle it and bite its nose.


I’m glad to report that we enjoyed ourselves on the road trip and managed to get through it without any major outbursts. I didn’t pack anything out of the ordinary but I hope that it gives you some ideas for your next family road trip.

When Raeann is older, I intend to pack drawing/colouring materials as well as some puzzles for our road trips.

Do let me know if you have any good ideas for keeping the kiddies busy on road trips!

Baby Labour

While I was hanging out the clothes, Raeann decided to pitch in with the chores. She grabbed a mop from nearby and walked all around the house with it, swinging it back and forth with both hands.

Here’s mama’s little helper at work:





She handles the mop with finesse, doesn’t she?

Her father and I sincerely hope that her enthusiasm for chores will last.